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Alejandro Agresti – El acto en cuestión AKA The Act in Question (1993)

The Act in Question (Spanish: El Acto en cuestión) a film directed and written by Alejandro Agresti. The film starred Carlos Roffé and Sergio Poves Campos. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

This movie was partly recorded in a castle in Oostakker near Ghent in Belgium (1992). The family “De Bruyn” who owned the castle, played as observers in the movie.

The Act in Question effectively combines magic realism with genres typical of Hollywood’s 30s and 40s, in terms of photography and visual texture. This includes not just the quality of black and white, but also the costumes and production design. Magic is filtered in along the real and quotidian threads; Quiroga’s act in question breaks into the story in mundane fashion. However, from the beginning the film is laid out as a great dollhouse, not as a reference to Ibsen, but in a literal and ludic sense.

The film is also a playful display of forms, lights, shadows, ornament and camera movement. The act in question itself—the disappearance of objects and persons—are reminiscent of Méliés’ tricks. The pension house where Quiroga spends the first sequences of the film are but a great feat of set decoration, which we are able to contemplate in a traveling shot backwards in a later scene: a large construction becomes visible, which, through a cross-dissolve, is likened to the small doll house owned by Rogelio (Lorenzo Quinteros), the chronicler and doll craftsman.

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