1981-1990AustriaAxel CortiDrama

Axel Corti – Wohin und zurück – Teil 1: An uns glaubt Gott nicht mehr – Ferry oder Wie es war AKA God Does Not Believe in Us Anymore (1982)

‘Vienna 1938. After Kristallnacht and the murder of his father, Ferry Tobler, a young Viennese Jew flees from the Nazis and profiteers of Vienna. He scrambles for various exit visas and entry permits, and finally arrives in Prague, where he meets an anti-Nazi German soldier who has escaped from Dachau and a sympathetic Czech relief worker. Together with other Jewish refugees, the three make their way to Paris and eventually to Marseille, hoping to sail to a safe port.’
– National Center for Jewish Film

1.46GB | 1h 49m | 768×576 | mkv


Language:German with occasional French
Subtitles:French for German dialogue (idx/sub)


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