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Krzysztof Kieslowski & Tomasz Zygadlo – Robotnicy 1971 – Nic o nas bez nas AKA Workers ’71: Nothing About Us Without Us (1971)

“We tried to draw a broad picture showing that the class which, theoretically at least, was said to be the ruling class, had somewhat different views from those which were printed on the front page of the Trybuna Ludu.”
— Krzysztof Kieslowski

Robotnicy – Nic o nas bez nas tells a story about Gdańsk Shipyard and its workers after so called Grudzień 1970 (1970 protests). After those events Edward Gierek replaced Władysław Gomułka as party first secretary and promised redical change in style and methods of ruling. Kieślowski shows the skepticism of workers and their attitude to party members. He also pictures conflicts inside the party (PZPR) and usual work in shipyard. The political criticism of this movie made it a target of censorship – it was suspended and cut against the will of director.

1.05GB | 46m 31s | 788×576 | mkv



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