2001-2010ComedyDramaMarek KoterskiPoland

Marek Koterski – Dzien Swira aka Day of the Wacko (2002)

24 hours in the bitter life of a frustrated divorced teacher who stays in the vicious circle of his numerous obsessions.

Marta Jazowska for culture.pl wrote:
Afilm portraying the painstaking life of a 44 year literature professor with obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Divorced, pedantic and frustrated his life consists of a series of rituals performed around the simplest every tasks. Capturing his unbearable stagnation and anger, the film is about isolation and loneliness

A part of the series about Adam Miauczyński, a bitter story about a middle-aged aggressive and desperate man who ironically reads poetry to children. Adam Miauczyński is the embodiment of fear, obsession and hatred. “This is my wackiest project – just like the main character is wacky. Despite this, or maybe because of this – I trust that more than one member of the audience will identify with him” says Marek Koterski.

Suffering from a number of imaginary health problems and feeling empathy for the hunger and poverty in the world, Adam Miauczyński, played by Marek Kondrat, reduces his everyday life to a series of repetitive tasks. Constantly speaking to himself about what he is doing at every instant, his internal monologue impedes his ability to feel spontaneity. Immobilized from taking his life into his own hands, he deals with his noisy neighbours, his overbearing mother (Janina Traczykówna), his apathetic son (Michał Koterski), his bitchy ex-wife (Joanna Sienkiewicz).

A black comedy with “humor ranging from sublime to nutty”, Time Out London calls it a “dolefully absurdist Polish comedy of dejection and rejection” while Variety’s Eddy Cockrell comments,

A nonstop screwball screed against the multitude of perceived indignities in contempo Poland, and, by association, the modern world, irreverent social comedy “Day of the Wacko” sports a frazzled leading perf from Marek Kondrat as a histrionic misanthrope that makes Jack Nicholson’s turn in “As Good as It Gets” look positively serene.

1.90GB | 1h 33mn | 1013×570 | mkv


Subtitles:English, German, Russian

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