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Peter Cartriers & Daniel Fridell – Sökarna AKA The Seekers [Uncensored] (1993)

Jocke is a troubled young man with a nasty right swing and a penchant for violence. His friends Gurra and Ray are not much better. There is no better evening sport than to beat up a couple of nazi skinheads and score some chicks – even if it leads to a path of doom.

This hyperdrive film became infamous before it was even released for its depiction of depraved Swedish youth and the fact that the head actor Liam Norberg was arrested and charged with several counts of armed robbery and aggraved assault just a few weeks before the film’s premiere. He served five years in prison. Another small part in the film is played by Milan Sevo, a long time gangster known as “Godfather”, who allegedly was hired by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden to silence stories about the King’s love affairs during the 1990’s. The film also features the ‘Train of the Dead’ 🙂

This is the uncensored cut, released on dvd in 2018.

1.65GB | 1h 51mn | 960×576 | mkv




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