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Toshiaki Toyoda – Poruno sutâ AKA Pornostar (1998)

A young and almost autistic-acting man arrives in Tokyo and wanders the streets, running afoul of some Yakuza and proving to be more than he appears to be. The young man speaks very little and his favorite phrase seems to be “not needed” and that’s generally in reference to Yakuza. He is taken into this gang and proves that he’s not well balanced by shooting a couple of drug dealers and then makes a pin cushion out of a rival gang leader, so he’s revered by those that he seems to hate, although they’re quite wary of him with good reason. The young man also hooks up with one of the Yakuza babes, maybe she’s a hooker, maybe she’s just a hanger-on, I couldn’t really tell, but somehow they get their mitts on some acid that was taken from the drug dealers that they young man shot and are going to flee to Fiji, but not before they get into skate-boarding some and wander the streets. This has lots of seemingly disparate parts that all come together in the end, and for a film that’s fairly low key it’s also quite bloody and violent. I guess it’s maybe some kind of commentary on disaffected youth in Japan but it also kicks butt and is well worth seeing for fans of crazed Japanese movies.

1.16GB | 1h 37m | 716×402 | mkv


Language:Japanese, English

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