1981-1990AsianDramaJapanYôichi Sai

Yôichi Sai – A Sign Days AKA Via Okinawa (1989)

During the Vietnam War era, the influx of American soldiers to Okinawa boosted the local economy and introduced many bars and nightclubs. With exhausting displays of energy, Sai presents a whirlwind romance between a local rocker and the daughter of a mixed American-Okinawan marriage.

Sai’s first Okinawan film looks back to the Vietnam War era of the 1960s, when Okinawa was essentially a giant US army base. This was the time when some aspects of life began to improve for native Okinawans, long ravaged by poverty, malaria and malnutrition; the huge influx of American troops boosted the economy and created a network of bars and nightclubs to service the needs of young Americans. Sai’s adaptation of a novel by Tonegawa Yutaka centres on aspiring rock singer Eri, the daughter of an American GI father and an Okinawan mother, and her whirlwind romance with Sachio, the leader of a local rock band. With charismatic performances (especially from ex-rocker Ishibashi, future star of Miike’s Audition), riotous design and exhausting displays of energy, this is a blast.

1.06GB | 1h 51mn | 640×336 | mkv


Language:Japanese with small English parts
Subtitles:English,Japanese for English parts


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