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Abbas Kiarostami – 10 on Ten (2004)

Documentary where Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami reflects on his own film-making techniques, drawing from his own films – and 2001’s Ten in particular.

An IMDb reviewer wrote:
This isn’t so much a documentary as it is an 80 minute class with Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarstomi. Using his movie “Ten” as an example, he breaks down his theory of filmaking in 10 chapters, ranging from his preference of camera, to his take on character and directing.

Don’t expect a doc with include scenery and talking heads. There is only one talking head, Kiarstomi’s, as it drives cross countryside alone. But that’s the beauty of this. It was just him and a camera and some free time.

He’s talking directly at us. Giving us a very personal talk that would otherwise take place in his head.

Kiarstomi is an ego-centric who says something profound and knows it. Sometimes he says something hilarious and doesn’t. But he is honest and proud, with a confidence worthy of envy.

1.70GB | 1h 24m | 765×574 | mkv


Language:Farsi with English voice-over
Subtitles:English, French (forced for the few non-voiceover parts)

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