1981-1990DocumentaryExperimentalGermanyHartmut Bitomsky

Hartmut Bitomsky – Das Kino und der Tod aka Cinema and Death (1988)

“Das Kino und der Tod/Cinema and Death”(1988), is one of his ‘Cinema Anthology’ ,which was made by extraordinary Bitomsky’s voice and movement of his hands that turn over photos of murder in films.It’s ‘a film noir as a film essay which analyzes film noir’. When he analyzes classic films like Hitchkock’s “Torn Curtain”,Lang’s “Hangmen also die”, Siegel’s “The Killers”,Aldrich’s “Kiss me deadly”,etc, each viewer tries to remake the images that always becomes uncertain in the memory,with the movement of Bitomsky’s hands and voice as a detective showing photos of evidence of murders. There is an astonishing moment of new discovery of the image which we remember as a movement of the film.

598MB | 46m 42s | 738×554 | mkv


Subtitles:English Hard

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