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Ingmar Bergman – Backanterna aka Bacchae (1993)

Backanterna is a recording of Bergman’s production of the staged opera Bacchae, a transposition of Euripides’ classical drama written for an amphitheater into a performance designed for the most intimate of stages, the TV screen, with music by Daniel Bortz. The original Euripedes text was re-worked for Bergman’s production, and the bacchae themselves became the focus of the action. Instead of an anonymous group, Bergman turned the women into individuals who each behave and perform in an individual way. In other words, the group was an individualized collective, portrayed by carefully selected soloists. Bergman also made an addition, creating a 14th baccha, Talatta, a non-speaking dance role that functioned as the dynamic doppelganger for Dionysus. Bergman used a minimalist stage which was made to look like a black box with a simple grey platform serving as acting space, placing focus on the vocal and stylized movement of the actors.

2.61GB | 2h 15mn | 768×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English,Swedish hardcoded


  1. Necesitaria tan solo los subtitulos, tengo el fim pero no los subtitulos en Sueco. Los necesito si me los podrian dar se los agradeceria eternamente. UN ABRAZO

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