1961-1970ArthouseComedyItalyMarco Ferreri

Marco Ferreri – Break up AKA The Man with the Balloons (Uncut) (1965)

Synopsis :
An industry that manufactures chocolates, is obsessed to the limit, to scientifically verify the exact spot where the balloons burst when they swell, but fails in its attempts, because they always end up breaking balloons, putting nerves increasingly enervated and reaching complete neurosis, while his great woman, just married, waiting on the bed, something more to him than his passion for inflating balloons.

1.88GB | 1h 22m | 696×456 | mkv


Subtitles:French (hardcoded)


  1. Hi, sir! Thanks for you great work.
    I wonder if you could find a better file for this wonderful Italian movie with legendary Marcello Mastroianni.
    This file has a quite poor quality – low resolution, hardcoded french subtitles, poor color definition.
    If there is something better out there, it would be great!
    Thank you in advance!

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