1971-1980DramaIndiaMrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen – Mrigayaa (1977)

Nothing is common between the two men to ever meet and understand each other; neither the origin of the British administration of imperial time nor the primitive culture of the tribal from the jungle in central India. Nothing is common but the sharing of a common passion: hunting.

To both of them a big game is a game, a prey is a prey; this is probably why Ghinua, the young hunter and a loving husband, reacts like a terrible “hunter” when the usurer-landlord steals his wife. He slays him as the wild pigs have to be slain when they destroy harvest, or a tiger when he lifts a child. An avenged man, he brings his trophy, the head of the most mischievous game in his area, to the only man who will understand him, the English sahib, the other hunter.

1977 Filmfare Award Best Film (Mrinal Sen)
1977 Moscow International Film Festival Nominated for Golden Prize : Best Film (Mrinal Sen)
1977 National Film Award, India Golden Lotus Award Best Film (Mrinal Sen)
1977 National Film Award, India Silver Lotus Award Best Actor Mithun

645MB | 1h 43m | 640×480 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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