2001-2010ArthouseDramaSang-soo HongSouth Korea

Sang-soo Hong – Haebyeonui yeoin AKA Woman on the Beach (2006)

Film director, Joong-rae is preparing for his next movie but is unable to finish his script. So he pleads his friend, Chang-wook, a production designer, to go with him on a trip. Chang-wook brings his girlfriend Moon-sook along and they all go on a trip to the west coast to visit Shinduri Beach Resort. There, Joong-rae makes advances on Moon-sook. Already a fan of his films, Moon-sook doesn’t hide her interest. So later, while avoiding Chang-wook’s eyes, the two spend a heated night together. But the next day He and Moon-sook then part awkwardly. Few days later, Joong-rae is back again in Shinduri and runs into a young woman named Sun-hee. They end up spending a night together. Moon-sook arrives at the scene with the intent to be with Joong-rae. But seeing him being with Sun-hee, Moon-sook goes to drink on her own out of anger…

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