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Ann Hui – Qian yan wan yu AKA Ordinary Heroes (1999)

Critically-lauded but somewhat distant drama from Ann Hui.

Review by Kozo (taken from Love HK FIlm):
Award-winning political drama from Ann Hui treads on rich territory and results in a noble, but emotionally lacking effort. Using the work of real-life activist Father Franco Mella (played here by Anthony Wong) as a guideline, Ordinary Heroes moves from the plight of the boat people through the tragedy at Tiananmen Square with a sweeping view of political activism in Hong Kong.
The situations and storytelling are top notch but ultimately the film proves a better portrait than a story. The film doesn’t try to educate viewers about Hong Kong’s political history, and instead concentrates on a long-unrequited romance between Taiwanese actor Lee Kang-Sheng and Loletta (now Rachel) Lee. Sadly, that plotline proves of tenuous interest, which isn’t helped any by Lee Kang Sheng’s obviously dubbed acting. The relationships, while affecting, don’t truly reach a conclusion in the film, which is sad because it seems that Hui is reaching for one.
Where the film suceeds is in its generous portrait of the times, and in its performances. Anthony Wong shows through his subtle character work that he’s one of HK’s most versatile actors, and Tse Kwan-Ho and Loletta Lee anchor the film with their respective peformances. Ann Hui’s usual opaque, unfiltered lens captures her charactrers better than most, and the actors make us feel for their characters. However, the overall structure of her film lacks emotion and driving force, and the events and the film’s ultimate voice don’t push us along. Ordinary Heroes is an extremely noble effort, but it’s also not a very emotionally resonant one.

19th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards
– Winner – Best Picture

36th Annual Golden Horse Awards
– Winner – Best Picture
– Winner – Best Director (Ann Hui On-Wah)
– Winner – Best Actress (Rachel Lee Lai-Chun)
– Winner – Best Makeup and Costume Design
– Winner – Best Art Direction (Poon Yim-Sum, Fung Gai-Fai)

733MB | 2h 08m | 640×336 | avi


Subtitles:English SRT

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