1971-1980ActionAsianEiichi KudôJapan

Eiichi Kudo – Sono go no jingi naki tatakai AKA Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Aftermath (1979)

Two Kyushu based yakuza groups are desperate for domination of the area. When more powerful yakuza groups get involved in their power struggle, a group of childhood friends, belonging to different yakuza families, are caught in the middle. Lies, deceit, and backstabbing are in play resulting in a bloodbath and a quest for revenge…

Cast: MATSUKATA Hiroki, NEZU Jinpachi, UZAKI Ryudo, MATSUZAKI Shigeru, NARITA Mikio

Aftermath of Battles Without Honor and Humanity was the ninth and final film in the Battles series, and was the sole one not made by the original director, Kinji Fukasaku. Hiroki Matsukata is the only male star returning from previous installments with newcomers Jinpachi Neu, Mieko Harada and Rudo Uzaki pumping new blood into the proceedings as up-and-coming gangbangers. Although a good idea to have Kudo at the helm, a man responsible for what might be termed jitsuroku sanurai movies as well as several excellent yakuza sagas, the end result is somewhat uneven. Kudo elicits good performances from his young stars, but the writign is not quite up to the high standards of the previous Battles entries. Chris D – Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film

1.19GB | 2h 07m | 720×288 | avi



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