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Eldar Ryazanov – Zhestokiy romans AKA A Cruel Romance (1984)

A lavish two-part costume tragedy based on the classic The Dowerless Girl by the nineteenth-century playwright Alexander Ostrovsky, A Cruel Romance (also known as Ruthless Romance) was the biggest Soviet box-office hit of 1984, though it seems to have had little international exposure until now.

It marked a change of direction for the veteran Eldar Ryazanov, who up to then had tended to specialise in contemporary comedy, though it seems to have done his career little harm: he was made a People’s Artist of the Soviet Union that year – and no wonder, quite apart from the film’s commercial success, its mostly wart-ridden portrait of the venal, money-grubbing bourgeoisie of the then-discredited Tsarist era must have gone down a storm with the Soviet authorities.

2.54GB | 2h 16m | 706×529 | mkv

https://nitro.download/view/EFE5A365A5E31AD/A.Cruel.Romance.Part.1.1984.DVDRip.AC3.x264-LAA.mkv https://nitro.download/view/D2FF6066FE3E6AD/A.Cruel.Romance.Part.2.1984.DVDRip.AC3.x264-LAA.mkv

Subtitles:English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic


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