Drama1931-1940Hiroshi ShimizuJapan

Hiroshi Shimizu – Nobuko (1940)

Renowned actress/singer Takamine Mieko stars as titular heroine Nobuko, a spirited young teacher working in a conservative school. Based on a novel by Shishi Bunroku, the film follows her experiences as she challenges the school with her liberal thinking and teaching methods.

1.09GB | 1h 30m | 720×540 | mkv




  1. Thank You! Hiroshi Shimizu is far less known than most Japanese directors, but deserves to be re-appreciated. It would be great if you could find some of his masterpieces featured in the Criterion Collection, such as “Mr. Thank You”, “Japanese Girls at the Harbor” or “The Masseurs and a Woman”.
    Thank you so much for all the great work you’re doing.

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