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Hubert Cornfield – Plunder Road (1957)

Five men rob a train in Utah of 10 million dollars in gold and head to Los Angeles in 3 trucks hoping to meet up with their beautiful accomplice, and leave the country.

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★★★★ Watched by Gramercy Riff 04 Oct, 2016

Want to see a really rad heist? Pick up a copy of Plunder Road and watch the first 15 minutes. Wet roads. Heavy rainfall. Nervous men in trucks. They are carrying something explosive. A train approaches and a meticulously executed robbery ensues. Now you want to check out the rest too. You should, it has only 72 minutes on the clock. The men have a sound plan, they are methodical. Some are nervous, others cold as ice. They split up. Three trucks on their way to the border, facing one roadblock after the other.

Will they make it? A simple and thus effective plot, the shady night photography is gorgeous. There’s a heartbreaking scene at a gas station, the last getaway car is brilliant and you’ll never guess the femme fatale. This made me think of certain French classics I love. Like Henri-Georges Clouzot’s The Wages of Fear, Jean-Pierre Melville’s crime films and Jules Dassin’s Rififi. This may be raising the bar a little too high, but it certainly is a little gem in the noir catalogue. And it should rank high in any heist list.

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