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Jack Donohue – Close-Up (1948)

Two newsreel reporters doing an outdoor fashion shoot accidentally film a
Nazi criminal. The Nazi is aided by clever Joe the gangster (an ex-actor gone bad!)
who uses a variety of methods to retrieve the film before it is used to identify the Nazi.
Ironically, if left unpursued, the film would have been destroyed. A few predictable but
well-placed plot twists and double-crosses round out the film.
One is left wondering how Joe would know to employ a romantic couple to run
interference for the Nazi as he exited a bank. Joe also surprises by hamming it up
with drunken nostalgia for his acting days, and whipping people with his belt.

Grade B or C movie, with some good supporting actors, real city locations and a
competent chase sequence aboard a ferry. Unfortunately actor Alan Baxter, perhaps
best known as the spy in SABOTEUR(1942) who wistfully recalls having long blonde
curls in childhood, is merely adequate as the girl-chasing reporter who gets mixed
up with the Nazi and gangsters. He is occasionally accompanied by his cameraman
partner and comic relief (Joey Faye doing a budget Lou Costello), who is slightly
amusing. Slinky makes a cameo appearance with Joey for an absurd gag, and Joey
also gets the last laugh in a silly end shot. Some Comic Relief insurance was added
(in case Joey wasnt enough) with Sid Melton in a borderline comical scene.
Nice soundtrack score but doesnt always compliment what’s on the screen.
Alpha Video dvd source – sometimes audio is muffled and video skips a few frames.

701MB | 1h 13m | 576×432 | avi




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