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Roberto Rossellini – Blaise Pascal (1972)

Roberto Rosselini directs this fascinating program tracing the life and work of 17th century French mathematician, religious philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal, who made pioneering contributions to the fields of geometry and probability. The legendary Rosselini created this television film as part of a remarkable series geared toward illuminating the evolution of knowledge and history in Western civilization.

2.57GB | 2h 59m | 700×525 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish


  1. Yes, thanks indeed. I try to monitor a few film blogs, with each of them either specializing in certain genres or leaning towards particular interests of the admin. But I can’t think of any other that features a diverse mix quite like the one that you assemble. (Or with this much attention given to documentaries, shorts, experimental, and some anime.) Titles like these from Rossellini — even if they proved readily findable — would likely not even be on their radar. Many might never hear of them if not for you.

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