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Spike Lee – Jim Brown: All American (2002)

Self-professed sports fanatic Spike Lee steps back into the documentary arena (4 LITTLE GIRLS) with this reverent tribute to one of Black America’s most notorious cultural icons. At New York’s exclusive Manhasset High School, Jim Brown shattered school records as a triple-threat athlete, where he excelled in lacrosse, basketball, and football. After a successful four-year reign at Syracuse University, Brown embarked on one of professional football’s most celebrated careers. A devastatingly imposing physical specimen, Brown’s strength, quickness, and mental toughness enabled him to intimidate opponents before he even stepped onto the field. Stepping off the gridiron nine years later, Brown used his overflowing masculinity and sexuality to establish his name in Hollywood, starring in films such as THE DIRTY DOZEN and THREE THE HARD WAY. Throughout all of this, Brown remained a staunch activist in the black community, dedicating himself to foundations such as the Negro Economic Union and the Amer-I-Can program, where he continues to devote his time. Leaving no stone unturned, Lee’s film blends archival footage with interviews conducted with major players in Brown’s life–including former coaches (Ed Walsh), teammates (Paul Warfield), and co-stars (Raquel Welch)–to paint a comprehensive, revealing portrait of the controversial, misunderstood legend.

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