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Yang Zhang – Xiang Ri Kui AKA Sunflower [+ Extra] (2005)

Relationship between father and son against the background of the Maoist regime in China, starting at the end of the Cultural Revolution in the year that Mao died (1976), and into the following two decades. The father, a painter, had been interned in a labour camp for “re-education”, and lost his ability to paint. Upon being released he teaches his son to draw, but is obsessive about it and doesn’t allow his son any freedom or independence. Their convoluted relationship throughout the son’s childhood and into adulthood is shown in an absorbing way. The film is also a snapshot of the political and social changes that China was undergoing.

The DVDR contains 4 short extras, with interviews with director, cast and crew.
(i) Growing up
(ii) A love story
(iii) A Zhang Yang film
(iv) ‘Sunflower’ opens
total time = 14m 52s

2.31GB | 2h 13m | 865×468 | mkv



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