Alfred E. Green – Ride a Crooked Mile (1938)

A macho Cossack immigrant to the U.S. goes West and joins a ring of rustlers. Later his son follows him to states and he too begins stealing cows. Not knowing his father very well, the youth is anxious to prove himself a manly man and a friendly rivalry develops until the father is captured and imprisoned. Meanwhile, his son joins the cavalry and secretly engineers a break out. He succeeds and then feels terrible guilt, for it is his unit that has been assigned to bring his father to justice.

DVD Format…….: Non-Anamorphic
DVD Source…….: DVD5
Size: 2.66GB
704×480 (4/3)
Audio: 256Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 2 chanels, AC-3
Distributor……..: ???
Program……….: DVD Shrink


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