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Buichi Saito – Ai to shi o mitsumete AKA Gazing at Love and Death (1964)

Based on the moving true story of a senior high school student named Michiko (Sayuri Yoshinaga) who contracted a terminal illness and spent the following three years exchanging over 400 letters with her boyfriend Makoto (Mitsuo Hamada).

Love in Modern Japan: Its Estrangement from Self, Sex and Society by Sonia Ryang (2006)

Miko (Oshima Michiko) and Mako (Kono Makoto) met in a hospital in Osaka, while both were receiving treatment as inpatients. Miko was still a high school student and Mako was attending a college preparatory school. Subsequently, they corresponded for about three years until Miko’s death. It is at the beginning of their third year of correspondence that their monograph Ai to shi o mitsumete (Facing Love and Death) opens. The first letter printed in the book dates from August 15, 1962, precisely seventeen years after Japan’s defeat in WWII. The book enjoyed enormous success, selling 1.3 million copies in 1964 alone. The TV station TBS televised the story and a movie was made starring Hamada Mitsuo and Yoshinaga Sayuri, the extremely popular junai kombi or “pure love” screen couple of the time. The theme song by Aoyama Kazuko sold phenomenally well and Aoyama won Japan’s 1964 Grand Record Prize.

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