1941-1950Carlo Ludovico BragagliaComedyItaly

Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia – Non ti pago! (1942)

Plot & review:
From a successful 1940 theater comedy by Eduardo De Filippo.
Ferdinando Quagliuolo has inherited the management of a Lotto agency after the death of his father. He is also an avid player in search of winning numbers, in spite of his great bad luck.
One of his employees, Mario Bertolini, by contrast, gets winnings on winnings, prompting a fierce envy in his employer.
Mario is courting his daughter Stella, almost without his knowledge, with the complicity of his mother Concetta.
One day, Mario announces the sensational win of a quadruple of the value of 4 million. For the occasion, he tells Ferdinando that the numbers he had received them in a dream just by Ferdinando’s late father.
The latter goes on a rampage, and takes possession of the lucky ticket, refusing to pay him the winning.
He also claims to be entitled to the sum, for the reason that Bertolini had gone to live in the apartment where Ferdinando had lived as a boy, so the spirit of his father would have turned to Mario by mistake, wanting to dedicate the win to his son.

IMO, maybe the best screen rendition of a De Filippo theatrical play, and maybe the best in which the three siblings work together.

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