1961-1970Cliff OwenCrimeUnited Kingdom

Cliff Owen – Offbeat AKA The Devil Inside (1961)

Nifty 70 min long caper film with a twist. William Sylvester is a MI-5 agent who gets transfered to Scotland Yard to help them with a problem. One of their detectives has been killed in a hit and run. Scotland Yard believes the detective was done in by the gang he was trying to infiltrate. The Yard hopes someone from outside the force might have a better chance. Sylvester goes deep undercover as a gunman for hire. He evens pulls a bank heist in order to impress the local underworld. His no nonsense style soon has him in demand with all the proper people. He gains entry to the gang and finds he quite enjoys the lifestyle. Money, booze and babes, what more does a guy need. He helps plan a million dollar jewel heist intending to take his cut and blow to South America. They pull the job and head to the hideout to split up the loot. The police however show up on an unrelated matter and his plan falls to pieces. Quick on his feet, he switches teams again and helps round up the mob. He is a hero! He would rather of had the money. Nice work by the lead as we watch him be slowly taken by the “dark side”. He has returned to being a cop but the look in his eyes says it will not be for long. Sylvester was an American actor who worked quite a few years in the UK during the 50-60’s. The always stunning Mai Zetterling plays the mob girl he wants to run off with. John Meillon, who played Paul Hogan’s partner in the first two Croc Dundee films plays one of the thugs. Neat and fast direction from Cliff Owen keep this one zinging along. Owen did the great Stanley Baker crime film “A Prize of Arms” the following year. Good film imo.

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