2011-2020Cheng YanChinaDocumentaryFederico Francioni

Federico Francioni & Cheng Yan – The First Shot (2017)

Three different locations in china.
Three distant existences in search for their own identity.

three distant and diverse existences caught in a same tension: the search for their own identity and the sense of ‘’being’’ in a present of continuous transformation. All of them was born after 1989 the end of all the revolutions.

Haitao, living in black bridge village, a periphery of Beijing mingled with migrant workers and young artists, struggles against censorship and his inner void, keeping the thin thread that connect him with the rest of the world through internet.
Yixing, through narrow gaps among window bars of a 30th-floor flat, observes the city which is under perpetual change, while projecting residual fragments of his own reality.
Yiyi lives distantly from her home country yet feels belongingness in London, a global metropolis, returning to the unacquainted village in the central chine where her grandparents still live and finding a place to which she no longer belongs.
On their shoulders lies a contradictory history and the suffering of the continuous transformation, from the fall of the imperial to the modern era, that began from the First Shot, back in 10.10.1911

3.89GB | 1h 15m | 1920×1080 | mkv


Subtitles:English hardcoded


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