Jean-Claude Carrière – La Pince à ongles AKA The Nail Clippers (1969)

Quite simply one of the neatest short films ever made. Directed by Jean-Claude Carriere, with assistance on script from Milos Forman, it’s a quite Bunuelian surreal tale, a portrait of a horrible relationship cut short by the sudden intrusion of the uncanny. I don’t want to say more! But OK: it’s a really great HOTEL MOVIE.

The presence of Michel Lonsdale ought to be enough to sell you on this one, but above and beyond his mere physical appearance on screen, there’s the fact that this is THE ROLE HE WAS BORN TO PLAY.

68.3MB | 11m 32s | 744×464 | mkvère_-_La_Pince_a_ongles_(1969)


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