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Johann Lurf – VERTIGO RUSH (2007)

‘Vertigo Rush’ (Johann Lurf, 2007) starts with a slow and soundless Hitchcock zoom, but ends in a pulsating and electrically glowing mind fuck, which is as if Paul Sharits and Michael Snow had remade the last scene of Kubrick‘s ‘2001’.
International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2008

Johann Lurfs psychedelic full-body-experience Vertigo Rush (19 min), left me thrilled at its Viennale premiere. Certainly the use of zoom-in/track-out has been inflationary ever since Vertigo. But 25-year-old Lurf drives it to full excess. The slow acceleration of camera-tracking-speed in combination with subliminal deep bass frequencies makes your skin crawl.
Maya McKechneay in Filmkrant in January 2008

654MB | 19m 16s | 1920×1080 | mkv




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