Keisuke Kinoshita – Nijushi no hitomi aka 24 eyes (1954)

The title “Twenty-four Eyes” refers to the 12 pairs of eyes belonging to the young students of a small branch school on Shodo Island in the Japanese Inland Sea. The story unfolds in the spring of 1928, when Hisako Oishi (Hideko Takamine) takes over as the new teacher at the local grammar school. At first, the small village does not accept the young schoolteacher who wears Western clothes and rides a bicycle to school. It doesn’t take long, however, before the pupils, their parents, and the entire village fall under the spell of this special teacher. However, trauma does not lie far. The peaceful lives of Shodo Shima contrast the war occurring just over its horizon.

1.96GB | 2h 36mn | 576×416 |avi,_1954)_DVDRip.avi


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  1. English subtitles which sync with this file can be found here:

    I tested the “2019-01-17” version. At the beginning (after credits) and end (the last line) there are two lines of advertisement which can easily be edited out by a text program or something like Aegisub. (Or you can ignore them, in case you are not finicky.)

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