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Marshall Smith – Satan’s Bed (1965)

The same year the The Beatles? second film, HELP!, premiered,
John Lennon?s future soul mate, avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, made her
acting debut in the twisted sickie SATAN’S BED. Ono, in a kimono, plays
the Japanese bride-to-be of a drug smuggling immigration agent who
wants to abandon crime crime for life with Yoko. But Lou, a small-time
drug dealer, doesn’t want to lose his main supplier so he cancels the
wedding by kidnapping Ono. And when he also hires three psychos –
Snake, Dip, and Angel – to rough her up, they create a mini-crimewave
that culminates in a wild attack upon… the wrong woman. Oy. So join
Yoko for a typical day in Sin City that starts when you climb under the
sheets of SATAN?S BED!

Exploitation at its finest, This amazing time-capsule is a must-see primer for psychotronic movie fans. Like many other 60s grindhouse efforts, it outrageously combines more serious footage from an unreleased pic with unrelated and mismatching exploitation fare. In this case, the exploitation is provided by the incomparable Findlays (of “Flesh” trilogy fame), whose shadowy lit rape-fantasy shenanigans provide a stunning example of the “roughie” genre, mixed precariously with j.d. and lesbian-leather elements. Add to this the bizarre celebrity angle (a young Yoko Ono, threatening to, but thankfully never appearing in the nude), the lack-of-live sound and filmed-in-someone’s backyard technique common to such features, and you have an absolute compendium of 60s sleaze stylings. The naked-girl-tied-to-a-pool-table opening itself is worth the price of the video, not to mention the half-naked girls hiding in trees.

797MB | 1h 12m | 576×432 | avi



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