Paolo Benvenuti – Gostanza da Libbiano (2000)

Gostanza da Libbiano (2000) is based on the real-life trial of the 60-year-old nun Gostanza da Libbiano who was persecuted for witchcraft in 1594, imprisoned and interrogated by church representatives.
Gostanza da Libbiano is the third in a “trilogy of identity” which also includes The Kiss of Judas (1998) and Confortorio (1992).
The italian director, Paolo Benvenuti, shot the entire film in San Miniato, 35 Km East from Pisa, in Tuscany. The film has been financed by the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage.
This is a beautiful and rare movie you cannot miss!

699MB | 1h 28m | 640×480 | avi


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