Paul de Nooijer – 100% De Nooijer (1972 – 2005)

Selection of 14 experimental films of Paul (& Menno) de Nooijer

De Nooijer’s first attempt at filmmaking was in collaboration with his former teacher Frans Zwartjes.From then on he made short experimental films and photos and combined the two.

Paul and Menno (his son) have collaborated on numerous projects to produce video clips, commercials and short films. The autonomous work and the commercial work look similar, and elements used in the first return in the second and vice versa. But the commercial works are more straightforward, less layered in their meaning. Some deal with social (AIDS) or environmental issues (global warming).

Moving Stills (1972)
Say Goodbye (1975).
Transformation by Holding Time (landscape) (1976).
Review (1976).
The Third T(h)est (1981).
Tilburg Teacher Trilogy (1981).
Tarting Over (1981).
Window Painting (1982).
N.E.W.S. (1984).
At One View (1989).
Nobody Had Informed Me (1989).
Stop the Greenhouse Effect (1992).
Lost in America (2005).
Test One Two (2005).

DVD Source: Filmmuseum, DVD5
DVD Format: NTSC / PAL
Program: DVDShrink

Menus: Untouched
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
DVD extras: Untouched

PAL 4:3 / regionfree
75 min
Dutch English
Extra Slide Show


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