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Peter Welz – Burning Life (1994)

IMDB review by: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
In the unified Germany, the aspirant of singer Anna (Maria Schrader) drives her old Russian car to a small town trying to get the job of singer in a bar. Meanwhile, the twenty years old Lisa (Anna Thalbach), who is disturbed with the suicide of her father, arrives in the same town. They meet each other by chance in a bank, where they begin a successful career of bank thieves. A nasty detective from the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in charge of the investigation starts a touch chase trying to catch them and destroy the empathy of the population for them.

“Burning Life” is a great road movie that plays with the successful “Thelma & Louise”. Inclusive the last scene is a hilarious joke with Ridley Scott’s movie. I am a great fan of German movies in general and Maria Schrader in particular, but I believe this movie is attractive and recommended for audiences that wishes to see a good adventure to entertain. Maria Schrader and Anna Thalbach are gorgeous and show a great chemistry in their lead roles. The soundtrack is also excellent. My vote is seven.

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