2001-2010AsianJapanShort FilmSion Sono

Sion Sono – Sion Sono Fantasia Short Film Collection (2003)

Film 1: Fainda no Onna (Woman in the Viewfinder)
Sakura Mizutani, Kenji Mizuhashi, Yoko Kashiwagura

Photographer Suga (Kenji Mizuhashi) aiming to win the photo contest and Lulu (Sakura Mizutani), a girl who works as a model. Two people who are drawn to each other while maintaining the relationship between the photographer and the model. One day, a mysterious woman, Sayoko (Yoko Kashiwagura), appears in the viewfinder of Suga. Eventually, Suga and Lulu win the long-awaited victory.
[24 minutes 49 seconds]

Film 2: No Memory Woman
Yoko Mitsuya / Ryosuke Watabe / Nahana

One day, when Mami (Yoko Mitsuya) wakes up in a strange room … Beside her is a strange man, Yu (Ryosuke Watabe). Eventually Mami and Yu fell in love. Her younger sister Sato (Nahana) is worried about Mami who has lost contact. Sato consults with her boyfriend. However, Sato’s boyfriend was Yu … [31 minutes 43 seconds]

Film 3: Virtual Love
Jun Natsukawa / Moe Yoshizawa / ERIKU

Nana (Jun Natsukawa) and her colleague Mei (Moe Yoshizawa) spend time in a virtual world with a man and sell their love memories. The next Nana customer is Mitsuru (ERIKU). Nana begins to fall in love with Mitsuru even though she knows she is virtual. But her litigation is a virtual world. Mitsuru in the real world was just a man … [24 minutes 52 seconds]

Film 4: Love Doctor
Aya Fujimoto / Mai Nakajima

Lily (Aya Fujimoto) and Kiki (Mai Nakajima) of “Love Doctor”, a work that fills the lonely and sad hearts of men in the world who have fallen ill with love. Lily took pride in her work and gave all the men energy and brilliance. However, Lily also had a gap in her mind … [29 minutes 57 seconds]

2.15GB | 1h 51m | 718×538 | mkv




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