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Arthur Barron – Rita Hayworth: Dancing Into the Dream (1990)

Comment from IMDb:
The tragic life of Rita Hayworth, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood’s golden years, is examined in this documentary directed by Arthur Barron. Her life, during her ascent into glory, was the stuff that filled the pages of the fan magazines of that era. She was adored by her fans and envied by others because she had it all.

Her daughter, Princess Yasmin Khan, talks about her mother in a caring manner. It is obviously they had a bond that was only shattered by a horrible disease that took away her dignity, which was the crowning blow to a woman whose life was full of sadness and misery, in spite of the glamorous appearance. The men in her life didn’t give her the happiness she deserved, but used her in whatever way they could.

She was a great dancer, although her career was steered into more dramatic roles. Ms. Hayworth was a genuine person who was popular among her fellow workers. Some of the people that were interviewed for the documentary, like Glenn Ford, Jack Lemmon, Evelyn Keys, Frank Langella, among others, speak highly of Rita as an actress and as a friend, which is probably the best accolade she could have wished for.

“Rita Hayworth Dancing Into the Dream” is recommended to all movie fans that were entertained by this lovely actress in the pictures she left behind.

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