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Claus Peymann – Thomas Bernhard: Der Theatermacher AKA Histrionics (1990)

Der Theatermacher (“The Theatre Maker”) is a play by austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. It was released in 1984 and had its world-premiere the following year at the Salzburger Festspiele under Claus Peymann. Centered around main protagonist Bruscon, it is full with allusions to the famous festival in Salzburg.

During a break in his latest tour the actor Bruscon tries to stage his play „Das Rad der Geschichte“ (“The wheel of history”) in the small village Utzbach. He involves his whole family in the production as actors – wife, daughter and son.

The production becomes increasingly difficult with Bruscons heavy mood swings. He turns out as a tyrant, dissatisfied with every detail – from stage to room temperature – and declares that the village is too small for his outstanding piece anyway. During rehearsals he constantly knocks the others down, highlighting himself as the important actor and theatre man. The only peaceful moment, where the family is spared from his capricious rants, is when they eat the Frittaten-soup, which Bruscon explicitly ordered in the beginning of the play.

This DVD is a 1990 recording from the Burgtheater Vienna with Kirsten Dene, Regina Fritsch, Josefin Platt, Bibiana Zeller, Josef Bierbichler, Traugott Buhre, Martin Schwab.

2.02GB | 2h 19m | 744×576 | mkv



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