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Maria de Medeiros – Capitães de Abril AKA April Captains (2000)

In Portugal, late in the night of April 24 to 25, 1974, the radio broadcast an outlawed song: “Grândola”. It could have just been an act of insubordination by a rebellious
journalist. It was in fact the preplanned signal triggering the military coup which was to change the face of this country and the destiny of vast territories in Africa.

The directorial debut of the actress/singer Maria de Medeiros opens with shocking images of victims of the colonial war, thus showing one of the driving motives for the toppling of Portugal’s 41-year lasting dictatorship by the “Armed Forces Movement”. The characters in the film are based on actual protagonists of the Carnation Revolution in 1974: the leftist teacher who takes a stand for a student; the soldiers who are no longer capable of reconciling the war with their conscience, storm the radio station and broadcast the song “Grândola” to signal the coup; and the civilians who enthusiastically greet them carnations in hand.

1.48GB | 2h 03m | 762×412 | mkv



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