1991-2000ActionAustraliaComedyMark Savage

Mark Savage – Sensitive New-Age Killer (2000)

Ever since he was a boy, Paul Morris (Paul Moder) has wanted to be a hitman like his hero The Snake (Frank Bren). There’s just one catch – he only wants to kill bad guys. Now married to Helen (Helen Hopkins) and with a young daughter to provide for, Paul is now struggling to succeed in his chosen career – unaware that his trusted partner George (Kevin Hopkins) is secretly a crazed pervert who wants to get Paul killed so he can marry Helen himself. Paul’s life is also complicated by his relationship with Matty (Carolyn Bock) a policewoman who has agreed not to arrest him in exchange for regular sex. Whatever setbacks he encounters, Paul remains optimistic, convinced that his career will take off if he can only score that ‘one big hit.’ With his dreams of scoring the big hit that will make his future secure Paul must negotiate personal entanglements and the rivalry of legendary hitman “The Snake” (Frank Bren) who also has his sights set on securing the bounty.

1.11GB | 1h 21m | 853×480 | mkv



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