1991-2000DocumentaryJapanMitsuo Yanagimachi

Mitsuo Yanagimachi – Tabisuru pao-jiang-hu AKA Wandering Peddlers [+Extra] (1995)

A wonderful, captivating, and far-too-seldom-seen film by the brilliant Mitsuo Yanagimachi. As photographed by the equally brilliant Masaki Tamura (Ogawa Productions, Lady Snowblood, Tampopo, P.P. Rider).

The lives of a dying breed, Chinese peddlers, provide the focus of this fascinating Japanese-Taiwanese drama. The story begins with Tianshuang, the Ye family patriarch, as he entices his customers by eating fire and juggling. Once they are hooked, he then sells them his snake oil. Unfortunately, business just isn’t what it used to be and A-Hong, his son, is thinking of finding a new profession. Meanwhile, his rival peddler wows his potential customers with a thrilling show involving live cobras. During each performance he allows them to bite him and is very proud of the resulting scars.

1.81GB | 1h 34m | 853×480 | mkv


Subtitles:Japanese Hardcoded, English


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