1981-1990ArthouseComedyGeorgiaNana Dzhordzhadze

Nana Dzhordzhadze – Robinzoniada, anu chemi ingliseli Papa AKA Robinsoda, or My English Grandfather (1987)

Georgia started the 20th century. In a remote village Guria appeared servant British
Telegraph Hughes. He regularly goes around telephone poles, boxing, stands up for the
honor of women and their homeland. And then, as befit a real man, falls in love with the
prettiest girl of the village, becoming an enemy of her brother, a Bolshevik. Love inspires
the Englishman to a voluntary exile to a telegraph pole, three meters around which
bought the British government. On these meters, and he will live in expectation of love
and, as will be later, his absurd death …

1.20GB | 1h 09m | 765×574 | mkv


Subtitles:English, French, Russian

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