1981-1990ExperimentalFranceShort FilmTeo Hernandez

Teo Hernandez – Sara (1981)

Portrait of the filmmaker’s mother during her visit to Paris.

Probably not the first and certainly not the last experimental 8mm-film about an elderly person at the threshold of life and death. But Hernándes’ unique sensibility for the relation between… well… matter and spirit and the way how the one reflects the other with the help of film makes this one special. In a way Sara is already part of the cemetery where the filmmaker meets her, her life is reflected in the place where she will come to rest, but the place also comes alive in her presence. This is why we see marble statues juxtaposed with her wrinkled face. The film maps this entanglement of life and death in a hyper precise and non-sentimental way. Review by Mephisdopeles

176MB | 14m 06s | 738×540 | mkv


Language(s):No linguistic content
Subtitles:Not Needed

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