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Valerio Zurlini – La ragazza con la valigia AKA Girl with a Suitcase (1961)

Lorenzo’s older brother Marcello is a playboy who has broke the heart of a cabaret singer named Aida (Claudia Cardinale). When she shows up one evening at their home Marcello unable to handle his own dirty business sends Lorenzo (Jacques Perrin) out to get rid of her. Lorenzo fails in love Aida the moment he lays he eyes upon her. Feeling guilty about the way his brother treated her he does his best to help her out.

Valerio Zurlini returns to familiar territory with The Girl with a Suitcase a film like its predecessor Violent Summer is about an older women falling in love with a younger man. This time around the age gap is even larger as the male character Lorenzo involved in this love triangle is only sixteen. Aida the object of Lorenzo’s affection is a victim who ultimately victimizes Lorenzo. She is willing to take all of gifts even though she knows that she shouldn’t. She also continues to play with his heart long after she discovers he is in love with her. Like a viscous cycle she has now taken over for her abuser Marcello.

Valerio Zurlini ability to capture the essence of a scene is never more apparent then the train scene in which Lorenzo stalks Aida and her male companion. The scene flows effortlessly and it is only appropriate that when they are having lunch that the glass window between them and Lorenzo keeps their discussion private. Claudia Cardinale has worked with some of Italy’s greatest director’s Fellini and Leone. These directors like Zurlini always manage to get great performances out of her despite her limited acting range. A very young looking Jacques Perrin is Lorenzo in the film and his introspective performance is captivating. Gian Maria Volontè has a brief role as Aida’s boyfriend at the train station. The Girl with a Suitcase is a heartbreaking film about hurting the ones you love the most.

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Subtitles:English, Spanish, Russian

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