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Vivian Qu – Shuiyin jie AKA Trap Street (2013)

“Shuiyin Jie’s straightforward approach to the harsh reality in 21st century China is as courageous as it is terrifying…” ScreenAnarchy

Shuiyin Jie starts off as a story of a boy meets girl. The boy named Li Qiuming (Yulai Lu), a jaunty surveyor, spots a beautiful girl (Wenchao He) during one of his days on the job in the heart of Nanjing. Immediately, along with the main character the viewer is able to feel a deeply mysterious aura that surrounds the woman, making her all the more attractive, a sort of femme fatale for the modern times. He sees Guan only for a brief moment, but tries to find her no matter what, and when he does he still doesn’t realize how dangerous that encounter might actually turn out to be. While he falls in love with the woman he still isn’t aware that some strange people are watching his every move.

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