1971-1980ArthouseDramaJapanYôichi Takabayashi

Yôichi Takabayashi – Gaki zoshi AKA The Water Was So Clear (1973)

Romance, rape, tension, repression and death: these are the quintessential themes explored in this dialogue-free Japanese black-and-white movie. A Buddhist priest rescues a homeless girl and brings her into his temple’s household. Soon she becomes an essential part of the place. One night she is raped by a young man who then becomes her lover. The priest happens on them one night as they make love before the temple shrine, and he becomes erotically obsessed.

1.35GB | 1h 32m | 672×524 | mkv


Language(s):No dialogue
Subtitles:not needed

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  1. now this is a gem which I recommend to everyone who seek pure art cinema, by which I don’t mean the things critics tell you to see these days, but a pure unappreciated and lost masterpiece of japanese true underground cinema, far more groundbreaking in form than their new wave. this film is not even known much in japan itself; a magnificent game of forms, of shadow and silence.

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