1981-1990Anne-Marie MiévilleArthouseSwitzerland

Anne-Marie Miéville – Mon cher sujet AKA My Dear Subject (1988)

From birth to death every subject remains intact. Three ages, three women. Daughter, mother, grandmother. Each of them before and after still and always. And the men too, those they meet those they love.

Miéville’s first solo feature is a sensitive, emotionally complex portrait of three women: a young opera singer (Le Roi) contemplating having a child; her mother (Romand), who is torn between two lovers; and her grandmother (Roussel), who lives a life of solitude. As in so many of Miéville’s films, communication is the theme; each woman must struggle, often against the men in their lives, to find her own voice.

885MB | 1h 32m | 640×480 | mkv


Subtitles:English Hardcoded

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