1981-1990AlgeriaBrahim TsakiDramaRomance

Brahim Tsaki – Histoire d’une rencontre aka Hikayat liqa’ aka Tale of an Encounter (1983)

The pure fire of silence

She’s playing tennis against the fence, she’s alone, with her back to the court, she takes a few steps to pick up a ball that has not been returned to her by this fence ; her steps, gestures and the sound of the ball in the racket are already making a kind of rhythm, a small ballet reduced to its simplest expression. The camera advances on the courtyard, crosses the gate, fixes itself on a torchiere in the distance. That’s the color of her hair.
Credits: still images and spitting fire have the same rhythm as her racket strikes, then the same rhythm as the shutter release of her camera which finds her in the second scene.
She takes memories, images. All these sounds that she makes gently and in solitude, and which have already almost hypnotized us, she does not hear them. He who cleans the swimming pool and whom she first photographs as a memory, he does not hear them either. She must approach him, be seen by him to say hello. A gesture : the meeting took place …
Here is the introduction, the introduction into fire and silence.
The place where they recognized each other.
Already he says that they will see each other tomorrow near the rusty cars, already she says that she is happy, that the egg is good and that the weather is mild. What is the use of waiting, pretending to be true if you already are?

1.40GB | 1h 20m | 764×478 | mkv


Language(s):Sign, Arabic, English
Subtitles:French hardcoded, English, Spanish, Portuguese

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