2001-2010Cihan InanDramaSwitzerland

Cihan Inan – 180° (2010)

Early evening – a big city. Two teenagers shyly flirt with each other, a housewife sits down to watch her daily soap, nurses in a hospital gossip before the nightshift starts, a trendy couple drives through rush hour, so excited they can hardly wait to get home – a man with a rifle enters a building seeking revenge. In the blink of an eye seemingly unrelated events turn upside down what were once secure, happy, ‘normal’ lives. Behind fear, beyond the unexpected, there is love and hope.

„It’s hard not to compare Cihan Inan’s “180°” with Paul Haggis’ “Crash,” since both share a similar structure and fine craftsmanship. There is no denying that “180°” is a remarkable piece of work that can very well stand on its own.“ –
Hollywood Reporter

„The film is through and through convincing thanks to ist virtuous, visual film language
combined a dense editing and a strong staging. 180° tells with cineastic grandeur four
parallel stories about human beings at an important point in their lives. Modern and
precise direction.“
Jury Max Ophüls Preis 2011

1.29GB | 1h 30m | 720×436 | mkv



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