1981-1990AdventureClaude LelouchDramaFrance

Claude Lelouch – Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté (1988)

Sam Lion has led a full and successful life. As a young boy, abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by a circus family, where he developed an afinity for big cats. His career as a circus acrobat was cut short by an accident, after which he started a new life in commerce. His revolutionary cleaning products made him a wealthy man, the head of a corporate empire, but his private life was just as eventful. He marred young, had two children, his first wife died tragically, and he re-married. Now in his fifties, Sam has only one wish – to escape. Whilst crossing the ocean in a one-man dinghy, he decides to fake his own death. With a new identity, he travels the world before settling in an African game reserve. Here, he encounters Al Duvivier, one of his former employees. Recognising Sam, Al tells him that since his presumed death his company has run into financial difficulties. Sam decides it is time to return to France but, unable to resume his previous life, he uses Al as a go-between to settle the problems of both his company and his daughter Victoria. The deception works for a while…

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