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Clélia Cohen – Emmanuelle, la plus longue caresse du cinéma français AKA Emmanuelle: Queen of French Erotic Cinema (2021)

In 1974, the French erotic film “Emmanuelle” broke audience records: almost 350 million viewers worldwide and a twelve-year run on the Champs Elysées in Paris. After the success of the sexually explicit Last Tango in Paris, Emmanuelle appeared at a turning point in French society: The sexual emancipation following May ’68 in France.

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  1. This was a very interesting, under an hour documentary, covering much more than just the film series phenomenon. It filled some definite gaps in film history knowledge for me. Oddly enough, I’d never bothered watching **any** of the original Emmanuelle films, nor any of the seemingly 100 crappy rip-offs that it inspired. (So, although I know who Laura Gemser was, I’m entirely unfamiliar with her “body” of work.) This does turn out to be a worthy tribute to the wondrous Sylvia Kristel, as well.

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